Monoprice debuts in simulation games with peripheral kit for racing games

The company behind the Dark Matter line of gamer peripherals – Monoprice – took advantage of CES 2022 to announce its kit for racing simulators , featuring a steering wheel, three pedals and a gearshift gearshift that also has a dedicated button for hand brake.

According to the company, when the know-how is released (the company did not confirm forecast or suggested price), the kit will also come with an assembly stand that holds all the accessories in a common position for automotive steering (read “as if you was sitting in a car ”).

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Visually speaking, the products are very attractive: they all have a metallic finish that mixes shades of black and graphite, with some chrome parts to emphasize a contrast common to products made for games.

The flywheel itself is 10 inches in diameter and capable of 900 degrees (°) of rotation.

Strangely, though, the company has excluded the PlayStation 5 from the list of supported platforms — which may be a disappointment to anyone thinking about enjoying Gran Turismo 7 , slated for release on Sony's console on March 7, 2022. Xbox Series S/X , so the Forza franchise is more than assured.

In the past generation, all devices were contemplated by Monoprice: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , in addition, of course, to PC games .

At the fair, the company also unveiled a new mechanical keyboard and an aviation stick for high-fidelity simulators such as Flight Simulator . However, as well as the racing simulator kit, the company did not offer a launch forecast or price suggestion for any of them.

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