Monster announces two speakers and two headphones, all wireless

Monster took advantage of its reserved space during this year's CES, which took place in Las Vegas, United States, and announced four new products for wireless audio, via Bluetooth. Altogether there are two TWS-type headphones, along with two speakers that receive the music in exactly the same way.

This Monster is not the same brand responsible for energy drinks, but the one that gained some notoriety with cables and adapters for audio and video. She was also responsible for producing the Beats headphones prior to their purchase by Apple. Now the brand has chosen CES to grow its portfolio by adding two headphones and two more speakers, all Bluetooth and manufactured by Lifeworks Technology Group.

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Monster DNA Fit

The first of the quartet is the Monster DNA Fit, a completely wireless headset and focused on the sports audience, as the gadget has a strap to better hold the buds. This headset offers active noise cancellation and protection from light rain or sweat, IPX5 certified.

The charging case can have its battery recharged by induction and, adding the autonomy of the buds to the case, offers 24 hours of playback and music.

Monster phone still unnamed (Image: disclosure/Monster)
Monster phone still unnamed (Image: disclosure/Monster)

The second release is confusing because it doesn't even have a name. The idea is a product footprint closer to AirPods. Whether the price or the look without the extra strap to stay secure in the ear. This pair of buds also talks to your smartphone or any Bluetooth sound source, uses a case to combine up to 30 hours of autonomy and has protection against light rain or sweat.

Monster DNA One wants to fight JBL

On the speakers, Monster DNA One is a small speaker, with battery for 13 hours of non-stop music, fabric finish and IP67 protection. The purpose of this certificate is to guarantee the survival of the product on the beach, protecting it from water and sand at the same time.

Monster DNA One (Image: Disclosure/Monster)
Monster DNA One (Image: Disclosure/Monster)

The battery can be powered by induction on a dedicated cradle, or on a USB-C port. The sound power is 20 watts and this amount can go up considerably, as it is possible to pair the Monster DNA One with 99 others of the same model, for simultaneous reproduction in all.

Finally, the Monster DNA Max is a bigger model than the One, with more protection to survive the world and more battery life, promising up to 20 hours of music. Power goes up to 30 watts and the company promises to fill the room with audio from all sides. The gadget can also use an induction charging station, has the same USB-C and can be connected with other similar models.

Monster DNA Max (Image: Disclosure/Monster)
Monster DNA Max (Image: Disclosure/Monster)

When and how much?

All four Monster ads will hit the international market bit by bit, but all during this year. The suggested prices look like this:

  • Monster DNA Fit: $179
  • Monster DNA One: $179
  • Monster DNA Max: $199

There is no suggested price for the as-yet-unnamed headset.

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