Similar to TikTok, Twitter incorporates video and photo reactions to tweets

For a few months, Twitter has been experimenting with a new video format. The social network is testing a new feature called “Tweet Take” that allows users to share videos by reacting along with the tweet. So people can choose to send a reaction, rather than just the message on the platform.

The reaction can be a photo or video, while the original tweet appears like a card on top. The concept is similar to a short-lived feature on Twitter, called 'Fleets', which allowed users to share tweets with their own comments in full-screen format.

Twitter is experimenting with reaction videos for Quote Tweets.

Reaction videos will appear on the main timeline just like any other tweet, even though the videos look different. The new feature is similar to the TikTok feature, which allows you to add a comment or clip from someone else to the content.

Right now, one of Twitter's goals is to build more features that are attractive to content creators. Finally, the scope of the tests has not yet been announced, nor if it will be an effective change in the social network.

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