Technology course in partnership with Descomplica remunerates students in training

With remuneration of R$ 2,250 a month for participants, the Impulso Tec technology training program has just been launched by edtech Descomplica. The hiring of students seeks to ensure their full dedication to training. There are 12 weeks of duration with 8 hours of classes per day.

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Of the 200 places offered, 150 are by Descomplica. At the end of the course, participants will undergo a technical residency at one of the project's partner companies for 3 months. After six months of training, they will have practical experience and may be hired by the Accenture consultancy or by the bank Itaú Unibanco.

Students will be paid to fully dedicate themselves to the course (Image: Reproduction/Envato/DragonImages)

Daniel Pedrino, president of Descomplica Faculdade Digital, says that the course was created to alleviate the gap that Brazil has in technology. “Our aim is to train and train future professionals in the area”, he says. There will be two classes: SysOps and JavaScript. The SysOps will have 14 disciplines, 2 integrative projects, 50 students and 480 hours of content. JavaScript will have 12 disciplines, 2 integrative projects, 100 students and 480 hours of content.

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How to participate

To enroll, you must be over 18 years old, have completed elementary school, mastery of writing, reading, logic, text interpretation and basic computer skills. In addition, the interested party must reside in the metropolitan regions of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife and Belo Horizonte. Programming knowledge is not required, but the candidate cannot be employed.

The selection will have five steps. First, the interested party must register on this site by January 30th. Afterwards, you will undergo a personality test and then a Portuguese one. The next step is a test of logic and technical skills. Finally, there is a group dynamic.

Those selected will be forwarded to their respective classes. Afterwards, they must deliver the documentation for signing the contract. The program includes live and recorded classes, projects, exercises and assessment.

During the training, students will have to develop databases integrated to applications, run applications via the cloud through the AWS system, use JavaScript and NodeJS to create applications, work in teams, improve communication and self-knowledge, and integrate diverse teams.

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