The best releases from CES 2022

One more CES comes to an end, but in our coverage of the event, we discovered a lot of amazing products and also a lot of cool gadgets , and in this post, I'm going to list the top 10 CES 2022 releases (in my opinion) in several different categories.

Samsung Odyssey Ark stole the show at CES 2022

Samsung Odyssey Ark (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)
Samsung Odyssey Ark (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

Let's start with Samsung's amazing giant 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor with 4K resolution, which has a curved design that works both vertically and horizontally, and is worth at least four monitors together.

Before CES, rival LG showed some interesting prototypes , but Samsung's monitor should actually be released commercially.

Notebook with foldable OLED display from Asus

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED
Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED / Disclosure: Asus

In addition to the monitor above, I was also quite excited about the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED , a 17-inch notebook with a screen that, when folded, is the size of a 12.5-inch notebook. It comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used in the lower fold, so it looks just like a compact notebook, but with the screen open, it becomes a giant notebook/tablet.

Samsung Display has a similar concept, the Flex Note, which was even shown again at this CES alongside other very interesting prototypes, but the Asus notebook should be released this year, albeit for a hefty price.

ROG Flow Z13, a no-compromise tablet gamer

Tablet gamer ROG Flow Z13
Tablet gamer ROG Flow Z13 / Disclosure: ROG

I also really liked the ROG Flow Z13, a reputable tablet gamer from Asus, which not only has a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card and Core i9 processor, but can also be connected to an external GeForce RTX 3080 GPU.

Freestyle, a projector that can be plugged into any lamp or light fixture

Samsung Freestyle Projector Featured at CES 2022
Samsung Freestyle Projector Featured at CES 2022 / Disclosure: Samsung

One peripheral I love (and always find underrated) is the projector, which lets you turn your bedroom into a movie theater. One of the coolest projectors shown on this CES 2022 was the Samsung Freestyle, which as the name says, is quite versatile. Just to give you an idea, it can even be fitted to any lamp socket. It's not 4K, but it has a built-in speaker, which works with your lighting effects.

Freestyle had another serious contender at this CES, the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K , a portable laser projector from Anker, which even received an honorable mention at the CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

BMW car that changes color

BMW iX Flow car that changes color
BMW iX Flow car that changes color / Image: Press Release/BMW

Some other cars shown at CES 2022 might be even more interesting, but it's impossible not to mention BMW's color-changing car. The BMW iX Flow accomplishes this feat using the same e-ink technology used in screen readers like the Kindle.

ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 notebook has a screen next to the keyboard

Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has an 8-inch secondary screen next to the keyboard
Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has an 8-inch secondary screen next to the keyboard / Disclosure: Lenovo

I don't know if the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 notebook from Lenovo is comfortable to use, but I'd love to try it out to find out. This 17-inch notebook has an 8-inch auxiliary screen that sits next to the keyboard, and has some interesting modes of use.

QD-Display, Samsung's first OLED TV

Samsung QD-Display TV
Samsung QD-Display TV / Disclosure: Samsung

Samsung presented at CES 2022 its first OLED TV, the QD-Display TV , which uses Quantum Dots technology, and promises to have excellent quality, in addition to longer durability than conventional OLED screens like those presented by LG.

Interestingly, it fell to Sony to present the first TV with QD-OLED technology (developed by Samsung), Sony's Bravia Bravia XR A95K . At the event, Samsung also presented its new line of TVs for 2022 , with news in Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs.

Project Sophia, a modular gamer table

Project Sophia, Razer's modular and conceptual gaming table
Project Sophia, Razer's modular and conceptual gamer table / Press Release: Razer

Razer also presented a conceptual product that I really liked, the Project Sophia modular gamer table, which as the name says, has different interchangeable magnetic modules that can be swapped according to usage. In addition, even the monitor and speakers are modules that fit into the base.

My Eye Pro is a perfect accessibility solution

MyEye Pro Eyewear Accessory identifies, transcribes and audio reads everything in front of you
MyEye Pro transcribes everything in front of you into audio / Disclosure: OrCam

I can't help but include an accessibility gadget in my list of the 10 coolest products at this CES, and the one I liked the most was OrCam's sensational MyEye Pro. This small accessory is attached by magnets to the user's glasses and can transcribe everything in front of them into audio. Thus, people with impaired vision or even blind can have driving instructions, recognition of objects and people and even read signs, newspapers or books.

L'Oreal device dyes your hair at home

Colorsonic by L'Oreal
Colorsonic by L'Oreal lets you dye your hair at home / Disclosure: L'Oreal

A list of the best releases from CES 2022 wouldn't be complete without a curiosity, and the one I chose was the gadget created by L'Oreal to dye your own hair at home , without having to go to the salon. Speaking of curiosity, Black+Decker introduced a robot bartender , Bev, and he almost made our list.

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