UN calls emergency meeting on North Korea's missile launch

Next week, the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) plans to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the latest missile launch by North Korea, which took place last Wednesday (5).

UN diplomatic sources said yesterday that this is because five countries, including the United States , the United Kingdom and France , have asked the council to hold an emergency meeting, according to information from diplomatic sources.

Negotiations are being made for the meeting on the launch of the missile to take place next Monday (10). So much so that on Thursday (6), the North Korean Workers' Party newspaper reported that the country had already tested a hypersonic missile the day before.

In addition, the North Korean state agency itself reported having carried out a test of a hypersonic missile. According to KCNA information, the object hit its target 700 km away from the launch site efficiently, proving "the combat unit's maneuverability and stability." But no technical details were revealed and the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, did not follow the test.

“The Party Central Committee expressed great satisfaction with the test and launch results and sent enthusiastic congratulations to the relevant defense scientific research department,” announced state-owned Rodong Sinmun in a text.

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The launch was detected and reported a few hours earlier by Japanese and South Korean authorities, and it took place hours before the inauguration of work on a railway between the two Koreas, an initiative by President Moon Jae-in to achieve diplomatic gains with Pyongyang before leaving from his position in power.

Since October, this was North Korea's first such military activity. In 2021, that's when the regime conducted the test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile and that included "many advanced guidance technologies."

On the other hand, Japan and the United States claimed that the launch was in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Furthermore, in September and October of last year, the council had already held emergency meetings when North Korea launched missiles.

Source: Agência Brasil and NHK, Japan's public television broadcaster

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