Volvo heavy electric truck put to test for the first time

Volvo Trucks conducted the first independent energy efficiency test with a fully loaded heavy electric truck in Germany. The vehicle exceeded its official range and consumed 50% less energy than its diesel counterpart.

The truck tested was a Volvo FH Electric, a vehicle with zero exhaust emissions, 490 kW of continuous power and 40 tonnes gross aggregate weight.

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by the green road

The truck was tested by German journalist Jan Burgdorf, on the Green Truck Route (the so-called Green Route), a 343 km route that includes a variety of highways, rough terrain and narrower roads. The track located in Germany is used to test trucks from different manufacturers in a wide range of conditions.

front vehicle
Image: Publicity/Volvo Trucks

The journalist said that the electric truck is as agile, or even more agile, than a diesel truck. “ Drivers will be very surprised at how easy it is to drive, how quiet it is and how responsive it is. There is no vibration at all”.

The Volvo FH Electric maintained an average speed of 80 km/h throughout the entire route. Based on energy consumption of just 1.1 kWh per km, the electric truck showed a total range of 345 km on one charge . This is equivalent to 45 km more than expected, since in this type of configuration, the automaker specifies the electric FH with a range of around 300 km.

Burgdorf made use of the I-Save efficiency package for the truck to achieve even more autonomy. The system pre-reads the lane, informing the driver about the road ahead 2 km in advance.

Electric and more economical

“Test results show that it is possible to drive up to 500 km in a normal working day, with a brief stop to recharge. For example, at lunchtime, ” explains Tobias Bergman, Press Test Director at Volvo Trucks.

Electric truck on a stretch of road
Image: Publicity/Volvo Trucks

In tests on the Rota Verde, the Volvo FH with its electric motor capable of generating around 660 hp used 50% less energy than a Volvo FH with a comparable diesel engine. Its six batteries offer a capacity of 540 kWh which, in ultra-fast chargers, can be recharged in about two hours.

Volvo Trucks' goal is for electric vehicles to account for half of its truck sales by 2040, with 100% CO2 reduction. Volvo's electric truck sales began in 2021 and the brand plans to start producing these vehicles in 2022.

In Brazil , however, Volvo has not yet revealed its plans in relation to electrification. The country is the second largest market for the brand in the world, however, it does not have the necessary charging infrastructure for electric trucks.

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