What is the Notifica gov.br platform?

The Federal Government has a series of applications to help citizens without having to leave their homes. Now, the Notifica gov.br platform is in its pilot operation, informing people about various services , such as paying traffic fines with up to 40% discount.

To receive notifications, you must have the Gov.br application, where users will receive messages. But, you can also receive via email and SMS , on your cell phone. Other services will be included over time. The idea is to facilitate and anticipate the solution of demands in the most diverse areas.

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“With Notifica gov.br we changed the logic of communication between the State and the population. We started to offer the service in advance. We want to inform, alert and help citizens in their relationship with the Government in various areas such as health, education and traffic, for example”, explained the Secretary of Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy, Fernando Coelho Mitkiewicz.

But, what is Notifica gov.br?

The Federal Government's own website explains Notifica gov.br as “a service that develops personalized solutions for citizens and facilitates access to public services”.

How many people can use Notifica gov.br?

According to government data, the current 116 million Gov.br users will receive the communications. “In this pilot, we sent messages to more than 40,000 drivers providing guidance on how to obtain the benefit of 40% off fines. Our objective is to reduce the citizen's journey in search of solutions, speed up responses and also reduce costs through the digitization of services”, said the secretary.

woman smiles while using cell phone
It is possible to resolve various services by cell phone. Image: Insta_photos / Shutterstock

pilot operation

In the first phase, the messages were sent to drivers who have not yet adhered to the Electronic Notification System (SNE), available on the Digital Traffic Card application or on the services portal of the National Traffic Secretariat. Those who already have the registration receive a digital communication about the assessment notices.

Who developed the platform

Notifica gov.br was developed by teams from the Digital Government Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), with support from the National Traffic Secretariat, of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The platform is part of the Digital Government Strategy 2020-2022. It provides for the expansion of notification to citizens in at least 25% of digital services.

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