Instagram tests private likes system in stories

Instagram began testing a system of private likes on the platform's stories as part of a test. For now, the feature is limited to a few users and is only visible to a small group of users, who are spread across the world.

According to Instagram, only those who posted the stories will be able to see the private likes and the total number of likes in the content, in addition, there are no plans to publicly disclose the likes in the stories. According to a spokesperson for Meta , this is a way of connecting people with others who are “important to them”.

Access for selected users

Some of the selected users revealed that they had been selected for testing the new feature and posted some screenshots of the new option on their Twitter accounts. The screenshots show that users will receive a notice stating that they may receive private likes on stories.

Today, Instagram offers eight options for quick reactions to stories posted by other users of the social network. These reactions are not publicly visible either, but they function more as a quick response than a “like” per se.

Engagement in stories

Photo shared with "Add Yours"
Instagram is investing in ways to increase engagement within stories. Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

With the introduction of private likes, Instagram hopes users will have a new way to engage with stories. In addition, the platform also hopes to offer users and influencers a new metric for measuring the engagement of their content, just like what happens in the feed .

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The Instagram test comes at a time when the platform is looking for new ways to make users have new ways to interact easier through stories. One of these tools is “Use your” , a kind of “current” from Instagram.

Via: Techcrunch

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