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The best cell phones launched during CES 2022

CES is not exactly the best known stage for launching cell phones, but still some brands decided to bring to Las Vegas, in the United States, some models that certainly couldn't wait until the end of February this year, when MWC takes place in Barcelona , in Spain. Thinking about this unique moment for the market of these devices, I decided to list the best devices presented this week.

Before entering the list, there is one detail that caught my attention: none of the smartphone launches made during CES involved the most expensive models, those present in the highest high-end segment and delivering the most advanced of current technology. Around here, they went from simple and very cheap intermediate cell phones, to powerful and still interesting ones, bumping up to an economical high-end.

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Okay, no further digression, let's go to the list.

Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S21 FE (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)
Galaxy S21 FE (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

If you follow the Olhar Digital , at least in the last 10 months, you must have already come across many news about rumors commenting all the possible details of the Galaxy S21 FE. The device was supposed to be presented last year, but a series of delays occurred and Samsung did not explain any of them, but at least showed the device during the fair .

CES wasn't exactly a stage for the cell phone, but Samsung still took journalists from around the world and set up spaces to present the device's features. So yes, CES 2022 was the event chosen by the Korean company to launch the last device of 2021: the Galaxy S21 FE.

Nokia brought cheap cell phone with (very) old chip

Nokia is no longer that Finnish company that dominated the market, especially before the launch of the iPhone or even the first Androids. Even without the crown on its head, the brand is still managed from the same country and now bets heavily on the competitive segment of intermediaries.

Nokia G400 (Image: Disclosure/Global HMD)
Nokia G400 (Image: Disclosure/Global HMD)

It also puts its efforts into entry-level models, to the point of launching in 2022 a low-priced smartphone with a 2017 processor (five years ago): the Nokia G100 and its Snapdragon 615. It came with two other devices, with C100 suffixes and C200 for even simpler devices and also with old chips, but from 2018.

Of the quartet, who called attention was the Nokia G100, which has a lower number, but is the only one with a recent processor and a 5G connection. Interesting.

TCL showcased two 5G cell phones at CES 2022

You might know TCL from TV sets, but the brand also has some cell phones and it showed two of them during CES 2022: the TCL 30V 5G and 30XE 5G. Both are intermediaries, but the company didn't provide much detail on each.

TCL 30V 5G (Image: disclosure/TCL)
TCL 30V 5G (Image: disclosure/TCL)

We know that TCL 30V 5G will come equipped with a Snapdragon chip and that it offers a 6.5-inch display in Full HD+, three cameras on the rear with the main one working 50 megapixels, while selfies are guaranteed by a 16 megapixel sensor in a hole in the screen.

The TCL 30XE 5G is highlighted by its 90Hz screen and 4GB of RAM, which is enough for a simpler intermediate.

Vivo announced cell phone that changes color

Vivo showed at CES 2022 two new smartphones: the V23 and V23 Pro . They hit the market with an interesting feature for the user who doesn't wear a back cover, as it can change color when exposed to sunlight.

Vivo V23 Pro (Image: disclosure/Vivo)
Vivo V23 Pro (Image: disclosure/Vivo)

The pair takes advantage of MediaTek processors, being the Vivo V23 with the Dimensity 920 and the Pro variant with the Dimensity 1200. Another difference between the two phones is the screen, with the V23 in flat display and the more curved V23 Pro, but both with AMOLED panel and the second one delivers 90Hz update

A fingerprint reader recognizes the user on both models.

OnePlus 10 Pro, certainly an economical top of the line

OnePlus 10 Pro (Image: Disclosure/OnePlus)
OnePlus 10 Pro (Image: Disclosure/OnePlus)

While Samsung showed off the details of the Galaxy S21 FE, OnePlus was chirping away at its next real strong device: the OnePlus 10 Pro . We already know that it will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, will come with Android 12 installed from the factory (thankfully), but what draws attention is the ability to receive 80 watts for battery recharge.

At the rear a triple set will be able to record images with sensors of 48, 50 and 8 megapixels, certainly the last one focuses on macro images. More details will be revealed on Jan. 11, when the cell phone will be launched in China.

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