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The best TVs featured at CES 2022

In addition to the post with the best releases and products shown at CES 2022 , I decided to make just one of TVs, as as always happens at this event, there were several presented, and they are increasingly amazing.

This year we have several 8K TVs and also TVs with the new QD-OLED technology developed by Samsung. Check out the list of the best TVs presented at this CES (in my opinion) below.

Samsung bets on QD-OLED technology

Samsung's QD-OLED TV uses Quantum Dot OLED technology, created by the company
Samsung’s QD-OLED TV uses Quantum Dot OLED technology, created by the company / Disclosure: Samsung
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Samsung presented its first OLED TV at CES 2022, but it goes even further, as it uses the QD-OLED technology, which has been developed by the company for years.

The QD-Display screen promises excellent quality as well as longer durability than conventional OLED screens. Thus, Samsung’s QD-Display TV has a much more vivid viewing angle, contrast ratio and colors than an LCD screen. Learn more about this technology on the Samsung Display website.

Sony QD-OLED, the first Quantum Dot TV

TV Sony QD-OLED 4K Bravia XR A95K
TV Sony QD-OLED 4K Bravia XR A95K / Disclosure: Sony

Even before Samsung, Sony was the first to introduce a QD-OLED TV to the CES 2022 audience (and the world). The fact that the 4K Bravia A95K TV was shown before Samsung, responsible for the Quantum Dot technology, shows that Sony must really be a big customer of Samsung Display.

With 55-inch and 65-inch models, this TV has a beautiful design, even the part that no one sees, with a back that lets you leave your cables built-in. Another highlight is the Bravia Cam, a camera with a motion sensor that recognizes gestures to make commands on TV.

LG Introduces a Modular Micro LED TV

136-inch LG Micro LED TV (Image: disclosure/LG)
136-inch LG Micro LED TV (Image: disclosure/LG)

LG brought to CES 2022 its first Micro LED TV , which has several features similar to OLED screens, but with a much greater durability. The highlight is that LG’s Micro LED panel is fully modular, so it can be mounted in various sizes, including a 136-inch 4K super screen with HDR.

136-inch LG Micro LED TV (Image: disclosure/LG)
136-inch LG Micro LED TV (Image: disclosure/LG)

In addition, it can have different formats, leaving aside the traditional 16:9 for a format closer to a cinema screen, 21:9. Micro LED technology prices are still extremely high, but with the arrival of a giant like LG to compete with Samsung, the trend is for them to become much more affordable in the coming years.

It is also worth mentioning that, even before the event started, LG Display presented a bicycle and an armchair equipped with OLED screens.

New Samsung Micro LED and Neo QLED 8K TV

Samsung's new generation Micro LED TV has barely noticeable edges
Samsung’s New Generation Micro LED TV Has Barely Noticeable Edges / Disclosure: Samsung

Even before the Press Day of CES 2022, Samsung introduced its new TVs for 2022 in the Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle lines.

Neo QLED Line with Shape Adaptive Light
Neo QLED line with Shape Adaptive Light / Disclosure: Samsung

The new Micro LED has 25 million individual LEDs, and the Neo QLED 8K TV has Shape Adaptive Light technology and speakers that play the audio up to enhance the feeling of immersion. In addition, new versions of Lifestyle TVs (such as The Frame ) were shown, now with matte screens.

TCL presents QLED TV

TCL presented its first QLED TV at CES
TCL presented its first QLED TV at CES / Disclosure: TCL

Rounding out the list of best TVs presented at CES 2022 is TCL, which showcased promising TVs this year, such as its first QLED TV. The TV is 98 inches and has HDR and Dolby Vision, and has support for Alexa and Chromecast. The interesting detail is that it can already be purchased in the United States for US$ 8,000 (or R$ 45,086).

TCL X9 8K OD Zero, a 3.9mm Mini-LED TV
TCL X9 8K OD Zero, a Mini-LED TV with 3.9 mm / Disclosure: TCL

In addition, the company showcased one of the world’s thinnest Mini LED TVs, the X9 8K OD Zero, which is just 3.9mm thick.

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