BBB 22 is coming: know when it starts and how to follow the reality show

There is little time for the most watched house in Brazil to gain new residents: the BBB 22, a reality show produced by Globo , starts on January 17th . Even though we still don't have concrete information about who will be in this edition of the program, some news have already been announced, including a new presenter.

The reality show will have, among its participants, a mixture of the famous and the anonymous. In other words, both names known to the public for being digital artists or influencers will be confined to the BBB 22 house, as well as unknown people in search of fame through their participation in the program. It's the same model adopted in recent editions and which has proven popular – there's no reason for Globo to mess with what's going so well, right?

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When does BBB 22 start?

BBB fans know: every beginning of the year it's time to prepare for Big Brother's return. The Brazilian edition of the reality show, which turns 20 in 2022, always takes place in the first months of the year. This year, it will be no different.

The official start date of Globo's reality show is January 17th. In other words, there is little time for him to return to the network's daily schedule, as well as to dominate the discussions on social networks, which always break down everything that goes on inside the house.

Big Brother Brazil
Big Brother Brasil Credits: Disclosure/Gshow

There is no announced closing date for BBB 22, but it should last until the month of May, as were the last editions – BBB 21 had 100 days of confinement, and it is possible that the new edition will go beyond that.

How to watch the BBB 22?

As has been the case since the first edition of the reality show, BBB 22 will have a summary broadcast every day on Rede Globo, in addition to showing the formation of the wall and the elimination of participants at the beginning of each week. On pay TV, Multishow will also continue with the transmission of a portion of the reality show.

But there are many people who prefer not to lose anything at all. For this audience, the option is to subscribe to Globoplay to follow Big Brother 24 hours a day.

The BBB 22 pay-per-view subscription can be made either directly by your pay TV operator or through the Globoplay application. If the user chooses to subscribe to Globo's streaming service, the amount charged starts at R$22.90 for the monthly plan, or R$19.90 for the annual offer (R$238.80 divided into 12 installments) – in this case, in addition from BBB 24 hours a day, subscribers also have access to the catalog of films, series and documentaries available on Globoplay.

Check out an article with more details on how to follow the reality show .

Who will present the BBB 22?

Not everything will be the same as in previous editions: the BBB house underwent a renovation to ensure space for some new features, including a new room and a mysterious button. However, the main change is in the presentation of the program.

Tadeu Schmidt replaces Tiago Leifert at the BBB 22 presentation
Tadeu Schmidt replaces Tiago Leifert at the BBB 22 presentation. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Unlike the last editions, which were under the command of Tiago Leifert, BBB 22 will have Tadeu Schmidt as presenter, who until mid 2021 was responsible for the table with the horses of the football round at Fantástico.

Schmidt is an old-timer: he joined the Globo group in the 90s and established himself at Fantástico in 2007. In recent years, his picture with the little horses representing football clubs has become extremely popular throughout the country. The promise, therefore, is that he will take a lot of the good humor and fun of the little horses to the presentation of the reality show.

How many people signed up for BBB 22?

In 2021, the reality show became more popular than a medical course at a public university. In July, Boninho revealed that more than 100,000 people applied to be one of the “anonymous” members of the program. We don't know how many vacancies will be for those who aren't famous, but that number is, without a doubt, a strong indication of how popular reality TV has become in recent years.

How much will the official list of BBB 22 participants be released by Globo?

Little to go! Globo will officially announce the list of BBB 22 participants on January 11th. On this date, we will meet all the candidates for the 1.5 million reais prize, from the famous who will be confined inside the most guarded house in Brazil, to the anonymous ones who will try to win over the public within the competition. So far, no names have been confirmed, although many are daily speculated.

Understand how the BBB participants' contract is

Globo establishes that, for someone to participate in one of its reality shows (BBB or No Limite, for example), it is necessary to close a contract that guarantees an employment relationship in the same way as happens with other artists on the network.

In the case of BBB participants, Globo closes a six-month contract with all those confined. At the end of this period, it can be automatically renewed, or revoked if the participant withdraws from the program.

The salary is symbolic: one minimum wage per month, plus extras for staying on the program, in addition to accumulating prizes in reality show tests. Participants are free to sign independent sponsorship contracts, that is, they can sell publis to social networks and earn more on that. They also have some benefits offered by Globo, such as a health plan, for example.

Globo took full advantage of the success of the last edition, having even produced documentaries such as 'A Vida After Tombo' , about Karol Conká's participation in the reality show. Could the same happen in issue 22?

From Bambam to Juliette: remember the BBB winners

Big Brother Brasil (BBB) turns 20 in 2022 as the most successful reality show on Brazilian TV. With over 320 alumni to date, it's no wonder we have alumni in a variety of fields ranging from drama, to politics, through to music and entertainment.

Juliette, winner of BBB 21
Juliette was the winner of the last edition of the BBB. Credit: Rede Globo/Disclosure

Check out in this special article prepared by Olhar Digital which were all the winners of the old editions of the reality show, and find out how their careers followed after their victory at the BBB.

BBB 22 will have record sponsors.

The reality show didn't even need to start the 22nd edition to break a record: Globo managed to raise at least R$600 million in breaks and marketing actions for BBB 22. Learn more here .

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