Covid-19: Amparo (SP) tightens quarantine rules after case increase

With the passing of the holiday season, the increase in cases of Covid-19 was remarkable in Brazil and worldwide, especially of the Ômicron variant , which is characterized by a much higher transmission rate than other strains of the disease. With that, governments around the world are already starting to resume some quarantine rules.

In the state of São Paulo, the first city to light the alert and adopt stricter measures was Amparo. With the advance in the number of cases, some rules were announced that came into effect last Friday (7) and will be valid until January 31st.

Amparo (SP) tightens quarantine rules after increase in Covid-19 cases
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According to data from the city, there are already 194 people infected in the city, which represents an alarming leap of more than 1,100% in just the last seven days.

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For the time being, all activities that may generate some kind of agglomeration are prohibited, that is, parties, events and get-togethers, whether carried out in public or private spaces.

The city hall decree also prohibits, under penalty of fine, the consumption of alcoholic beverages after 11 pm in spaces such as squares, streets and parks. The same time will also serve as a limit for the end of face-to-face service in all commercial activities in the city.

Finally, another measure that was also established was the temporary ban on the temporary rental of properties and the agglomerations in residences. Anyone who breaks the rules can receive fines of up to R$ 6 thousand.

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