Covid-19: three countries concentrate half of the cases of the disease on the planet

In the first days of 2022, the world started to register millions of new cases of Covid-19, reaching a daily average of about 2 million so far. According to the most recent information released by the publication Our World In Data, three countries alone account for half of the cases of the disease: United States, France and Italy .

Last Thursday (6), the number has risen to just over 2.5 million notifications, awakening the alert of authorities.

“The tsunami of cases is so big and fast that it is overloading health systems around the world”, stressed the director of the WHO (World Health Organization), Tedros Adhanom, at a press conference last week.

Graph shows that three countries concentrate half of the Covid-19 cases on the planet.
Image: Our World In Data/Reproduction

It is worth noting that the average number of cases doubled in a matter of a week, when around 1 million new cases of the disease were reported worldwide.

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breaking new records

The first week of the year was already marked by the breaking of several records. On Tuesday (4), there were 2.4 million new cases out of the total, 1 million in the US alone and 221,000 in the UK. On January 5th, France registered 332,000 cases, while Italy added 219,000 more on January 6th.

In the United Kingdom, given the jump in the number of hospitalizations, the Ministry of Defense has even announced that it will call on the military to help hospitals, while the US health authorities hope that the increase in cases should still worsen before reaching its peak. in the country.

Finally, other countries also returned to record high rates after several months of stability. It was the case of India, for example, which notified more than 100,000 new cases this Friday (7), a fact that had not occurred for more than seven months.

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