Bug is causing iPhone 13 to have a pink screen

Several users are reporting an issue that causes the iPhone 13 to have a pink screen and crash, only being able to use the device again after restarting. One of the first reports of the problem appeared on an Apple forum in October.

Some people managed to get their iPhone 13 replaced, but others weren't so lucky, with Apple claiming it was a software bug. Reading the complaints, it's not clear if there's a pattern triggering the problem.

Image: Apple Discussions Forum

As another user wrote in December: “The same thing happened to me when I was taking a picture; the screen [of the iPhone 13] turned pink and the device restarted. I called Apple support, they ran a diagnostic and said nothing was wrong. I will continue with the device until it happens again or if it happens constantly. If it happens I will return the cell phone, since I bought it the day before yesterday”.

More users described the issue with the iPhone 13 on Reddit, with one saying, “This happened to me in the car the other day. It started with the GPS getting lost on a street so I restarted. Then the screen turned pink and crashed. But now it's working normally."

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The website My Drivers found that Apple acknowledged the problem in a statement on the Chinese social network Weibo. "We didn't notice any relevant hardware issues on the devices, as this [pink screen] situation happens when the system is locked."

In the same post, Apple advised users who had the pink screen issue to backup their files, then install the latest iOS update on their iPhone 13.

Via: 9to5Mac

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