How to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

For security reasons, whenever a user changes their cell phone, it is necessary to reactivate access to WhatsApp through a unique password sent via SMS. In addition, the messenger also allows you to add a new authentication barrier via a six-digit PIN.

This way, authentication will be done in two steps whenever you install WhatsApp on any device.

Check out how to enable the feature in the iPhone app (the steps are basically the same for the Android system).

Enable two-factor verification on mobile

1. On the bottom bar, tap 'Settings' (on Android, tap the three vertical dots in the top right > Settings).

2. Go to Account > 2-Step Verification option.

Enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

3. Then tap 'Activate' to register a new PIN.

Enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

4. Enter and confirm your six-digit code.

Enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

5. Just in case, also add a valid email address in case you need to reset your PIN in the future and tap 'Next'.

Enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

6. Finally, the screen below confirms that the feature has been successfully activated.

Ready! You will now need to enter your PIN the next time you set up WhatsApp on your phone, whether on a new device or if you are simply reinstalling the app.

Enhanced security also in the web version of WhatsApp

Still in initial tests, two-factor authentication will also be present in the settings of the version of the messenger that runs in browsers and in the official application for PC. As with cell phones, the user can register an access code to protect their account.

For now, we still don't know when the news will be released to the entire user community, as the function is still in an early stage of development. Check out more details about the news here.

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