Nirvana photos go up for auction as NFTs; images are from the 'Nevermind' tour

Unreleased footage from a Nirvana concert that took place on October 1, 1991 will be auctioned as exclusive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), a trend in the digital asset market.

Negotiations will begin on February 20 in celebration of vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain's 55th birthday in 2022.

The photos were captured by photographer Faith West, who is also behind Pop Legendz, the company responsible for creating Nirvana's collection of NFTs. In a press release, West explained how the tokens will be sold.

“Four unique and exclusive NFTs, made from 10 never-before-seen images, were selected to be sold auction-style, with bids starting at 67 Ethereum (ETH)” – around $165,000 each, according to CoinMarketCap .

According to West, whoever invests in the idea will receive, in addition to the single image in digital format, a physical print framed and signed by him.

The images will be auctioned in two formats: black and white and color versions. Image: Faith West/Pop Legendz/Disclosure

In addition to the rarer items, the photographer indicates that 200 fans of the band that was an icon of the 1990s will have the opportunity to buy another 14 works in the format of NFTs for US$ 499 each (R$ 2,740 in direct conversion). In the end, more than a hundred more copies will be distributed in the market for US$ 99 each (R$ 545 at the current price).

“Another 100 copies of each of the 21 still images will sell for $99 each, in black and white or color,” West said.

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The initiative will give 50% of sales revenue to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that helps prevent suicides among LGBTQ+ youth. Another amount will go to Grid Alternatives, a project that brings solar energy to the poorest families, as well as fighting climate change and social inequality.

It is worth remembering that the iconic album Nevermind was released on September 24, 1991 by Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Kris Novoselic), marking his debut on a major label. Faith West's footage was captured just six days after the record's release.

Via: Forbes

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