SCG Boot: a cryogenic hydrogen powered off-road electric car

Already known for its success at the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring with the SCG003 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the SCG007 hypercar, SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) last week released new images of its cryogenic hydrogen-powered endurance car, the SCG Boot. .

The model was created to participate in the traditional Baja 1000 off-road endurance race, held on the Baja California peninsula (Mexico) and, if successful, it will be the first zero-emission vehicle to complete it.

Launched last year, primarily as a concept, the SCG Boot features a quad cabin with rear seats removed and replaced with a bulky hydrogen fuel system. With that, the American manufacturer — founded by film producer and investor James Glickenhaus — expects a range of more than 960 km. A street version is also in SCG's plans.

“We will make a road version in the US,” explains Glickenhaus. “We used all of the engineering, testing and development of this racing vehicle to create the systems and knowledge around cryogenic hydrogen, fuel cells and our refueling system.”

SCG Boot, cryogenic hydrogen powered car

Company promises supply infrastructure “that will change the world”

There are still no engineering details about the model. Glickenhaus, however, describes his hydrogen car as a “supercritical cryogenic fuel cell electric racing vehicle”.

It is a car, according to the executive, capable of “going to the Baja 1000, running the 1,000 miles [of the race] and returning home”. “There is no battery-powered vehicle in the world that can successfully ride the Baja 1000 [like the SCG Boot],” highlights Glickenhaus.

SCG Boot, cryogenic hydrogen powered car

SCG also plans to have its own fueling infrastructure for the cryogenic hydrogen car. “When people see this vehicle race the Baja 1000 and finish it, with zero emissions, it can be safely piloted through the most intense landscapes and refueled in the middle of the desert, with our own infrastructure that will change the world”, promises the executive. .

While the company does not explain how such a supply infrastructure and its engineering details will be, let's wait for the next few months to see how the development of SCG Boot will take place. In last season's World Endurance (WEC) season, SCG finished the hypercar championship in third and last place, 169 points behind champion Toyota and 91 points behind runner-up Alpine.

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