SpaceX cargo ship leaves the International Space Station back to Earth

The SpaceX Cargo Dragon C209 capsule is scheduled for this Monday (24), which left the International Space Station (ISS) and is now on its way home, expected to fall into the Gulf of Mexico at around 18:05. (by Brasília time), off the coast of Panama City, in the US state of Florida.

Cargo Dragon C209 on its way home after undocking from the International Space Station. Image: NASA

However, according to the Teslarati website, the time and location of the spacecraft's dive depends on weather conditions in the area. NASA and SpaceX prefer daytime landings, and as current sea and wind conditions are favorable, plans for an arrival around 4:05 pm local time are likely to be successful.

According to the information posted on the official ISS Twitter, the capsule undocked from the orbital laboratory on Sunday (23), at 11:40 am (Brasilia time).

SpaceX has intense launch and re-entry schedule for 2022

C209's return to Earth will be the first of up to six Dragon spacecraft re-entries and recoveries scheduled for 2022.

Next, SpaceX will launch Axiom-1 (Ax-1) – Crew Dragon's first fully private mission to the ISS, which is expected to take place by the end of March.

According to the company, about two weeks later, the reusable spacecraft will then attempt its third manned orbital re-entry – a first for Dragon 2 and manned space capsules.

Days later, Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch Crew-4 – the fourth operational mission to transport NASA's crew of four astronauts -, which is due to take place by April 15.

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Once the Crew-4 mission docks with the ISS, Crew-3 will return to Earth a few days later – perhaps around April 20, according to the schedule.

Like all other operational Crew missions, Crew-4 will spend approximately six months in orbit, during which time SpaceX is expected to launch its two cargo missions – CRS-25 and CRS-26 (between May and September this year).

The CRS-26 mission's Crew Dragon spacecraft will likely return to Earth in mid-October, clearing an ISS docking port for the launch of the Crew-5 mission on October 25.

Again, if things go according to plan, the Crew-4 mission will deliver the ISS to Crew-5 in person and depart in late October or early November, ending SpaceX's Dragon launch and recovery operations for the year. .

Ultimately, SpaceX has plans for up to five launches and six capsule re-entries in 2022, carrying around 12 tons of cargo and up to 16 astronauts to or from the ISS.

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