Study shows that including peanuts in children's diet can prevent allergies

Everyone has come across a friend or family member who has a peanut allergy. Unfortunately, those who already live with restrictions do not have many options other than avoiding food and its derivatives, however, a study shows that it is possible to avoid allergy when still a child.

According to research, including peanuts in a child's diet gradually may be the key to preventing allergy. The result came from the analysis of 146 allergic children aged between zero and three years for two and a half years.

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Volunteers were separated into two groups for comparison. The first group of 96 children received peanut protein powder every day, increasing the dose to six peanuts a day, while the others received a placebo made from oatmeal.

Of all the patients, 20 children who received the peanut powder showed remission of the allergy, being able to consume doses of up to 16 peanuts daily without showing any symptoms.

Study shows that including peanuts in children's diet can prevent allergy. Image: newsfoto/Shutterstock

One child in the comparison group also demonstrated disease remission. Another 20 children were considered desensitized because they had a higher allergic threshold, but could not be considered in remission.

"Very early interventions may provide the best opportunity to achieve remission," said study co-author Stacie Jones, explaining that younger children had the greatest remission.

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