Temporary “digital nomads” visa is regulated by the National Immigration Council

The National Immigration Council, of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, decided to regulate the granting of temporary visas and residence permits to the so-called “digital nomads”, a trend that has expanded with the home office caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The measure was published this Monday (24), in the Official Gazette (DOU). It establishes an initial term of one year of residency.

This residency can be renewed for another year. These digital nomadic immigrants do not have any employment relationship in Brazil, but use technological tools to perform jobs for foreign employers. For the National Immigration Council, the regulation meets a worldwide trend

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“The remuneration of digital nomads is from external sources, and the resources brought by these immigrants move the national economy. This is an important step for Brazil to promote one of the most modern models of work”, highlighted José Vicente Santini, national secretary of Justice and president of the collegiate, in an interview with Agência Brasil .

The idea of the Brazilian body is to follow a global trend. Image: Jacob Lund – Shutterstock

To apply for a temporary visa, the foreigner can go to any Brazilian consular office abroad. There, this professional will present the documents provided for in the resolution, such as health insurance valid in the national territory and proof of digital nomad status.

Those who are already in Brazil can request a residence permit from the Ministry of Justice through the MigranteWeb System, which can be accessed at this link. In both ways, it is necessary to prove the digital nomad status by presenting the employment or service contract. The immigrant must also prove means of subsistence in Brazil.

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