Vivo opens 300 spaces for disabled people in six capitals

Vivo has 300 vacancies open for attendants who have a disability to work in a home office format in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Vitória and Salvador. The opportunities are part of the company's diversity and inclusion project and are focused on the customer experience. To clarify doubts from candidates, Vivo will hold an online fair on February 10th. Entries can be made at this link.

job requirements

The vacancies are for candidates who have completed high school and who also have computer skills and an office package. Vivo also prioritizes those who have the enthusiasm and energy to make it happen. Those who have completed higher education or are studying will have a differential.

The vacancies will be in the home office model and will include professionals from six capitals; Vivo will provide a notebook, table, chair and benefits, such as food vouchers, transportation and medical insurance. Image: Shutterstock

“We are an inclusive brand and we understand the importance of having more plurality and representation within the company. We believe that the diversity of people is an innovation differential, which contributes to a better experience with our customers”, said Ricardo Miras, Director of Customer Experience.

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The selection will be online and the salary amount was not disclosed by the telephone company. Among the benefits are meal and transportation vouchers; health and dental plan; life insurance; birthday day off; control mobile plan, special discount on fixed line, broadband, pay TV and apps, in addition to parental leave.

Those selected will also have home office assistance and Vivo will also provide equipment such as a notebook, table and chairs for carrying out work remotely. It is important to note that those interested in applying for one of the opportunities must send a report informing them of the limitations and necessary accessibility.

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