Brazilians have R$ 8 billion forgotten in banks; see how to receive the money

The Central Bank (BC) has made available on its website a service that allows citizens to check if they have money to receive from financial institutions. This is for appeals from undue charges or the remainder of accounts that have already been closed and that many Brazilians do not even know they are entitled to receive.

According to the BC itself, a survey carried out in June last year 2021 revealed that customers had about R$8 billion to receive from banks. The system provides information on the credit balance of closed accounts, loan installments and fees unduly charged.

The Amounts Receivable Information System (SVR), on the BC's website, informs the consultation of funds remaining in the accounts, whether for individuals or companies.

See what kind of values can be queried to receive:

  • Deposit accounts (current or savings account) closed with available balance;
  • Fees improperly charged;
  • Installments or obligations related to credit operations improperly charged;
  • Shares of capital and apportionment of net surplus of former members of credit unions;
  • Unsought appeals relating to terminated consortium groups.
  • Closed prepaid and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;
  • Registration accounts held by brokers and securities dealers closed with available balance;
  • Other situations that imply amounts to be returned recognized by the institutions.

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Check out the step by step on how to receive the money

To make the query, just enter the BC website and use your CPF. The system will show you what's in your name across all banks, not just the one you currently have. Go to My Financial Life and then click on the Amounts Receivable subsection. At the end of the page, you will have the so-called Inquiry to the Amounts Receivable Report.

Press “Start consultation” and enter your CPF number. After digital verification, the system will show you whether or not you have amounts receivable from banks. Therefore, if the system informs you that there are funds to be redeemed, you need to verify the amounts and the institution they are in through Registrato.

When logging in, two types of images will appear:

  1. “Request here”, that is, that the bank has adhered to the BC Term that provides for the return of the amount via Pix to your account within 12 business days. If you do not have Pix, inform your personal data and the bank will contact you;
  2. “Request via institution” which means that the bank has not adhered to the BC Term and you must contact us to arrange the return of the amounts.

If there is a problem and the money doesn't make it into your account, contact your bank to find out what happened. If you don't have any answers, you still have the option to file a complaint with BC.

Money can change over time

The amount of money may vary over the months, as the information in the Registrato is associated with the base date (quarterly, in the case of consortia, and monthly, in other cases). From the base date to the request, corrections and deductions provided for by law may occur.

The announcement of the tool generated so much interest that the excessive demand for access took the BC website off the air around 9 pm last Monday (24). So far, the platform remains offline.

See how to redeem your money on the Central Bank website

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