Evolution of eSIM! Qualcomm demonstrates mobile phone with integrated SIM card


Qualcomm is introducing to the world its first solution with iSIM technology (“Integrated SIM”, or “integrated SIM”) which, as its name suggests, has a SIM card integrated directly into the smartphone's processor . The device was developed in partnership with Vodafone, Thales and Samsung.

According to the manufacturer of the “Snapdragon” family of processors, the technology opens the door to a series of benefits, promising to represent an advance of eSIM (“Embedded SIM” or “Embedded SIM”). The difference between the innovations is that iSIM eliminates the use of a separate chip, allowing cell phones to become thinner and lighter.

iSIM meets the specifications of the GSMA, the regulatory body representing telecom operators worldwide, and brings benefits such as improved performance, advances in memory capacity, and better system integration of hardware and software. In addition, the SIM reinforces its presence as a fundamental smartphone resource.

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(Updated January 25, 2022 at 3:08 PM)

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