Hackers bypass YouTube's 2-factor authentication and break into channels to sell cryptocurrencies

YouTube has made two-factor verification mandatory for all users since November 2021 in order to make the platform more secure, however recent reports from various channels are showing that this is not enough, as many are being hacked by hackers to sell cryptocurrencies.

Among the creators affected by the hackers are several from the technology area such as the famous Arun Miani, better known as Mrwhosetheboss, who noticed several videos posted on his channel. The videos, which have since been deleted, showed the cryptocurrency's name, contact address, pre-sale price and the words "One World Cryptocurrency".

Fortunately the hackers didn't delete any videos or change information from the hacked channels, but unfortunately this situation exposes a huge security flaw in Google's two-factor authentication, after all it is used to manage YouTube's two-factor authentication.

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