James Webb Telescope arrives at destination and NASA answers internet users' questions

Launched into space on December 25th after decades of delay and billions of dollars invested, the James Webb Space Telescope does not come to replace the famous Hubble Space Telescope, but to complement its fabulous work and act especially in infrared capture.

According to information from the United States Space Agency (NASA), James Webb (JWST) reached last Monday (24) the so-called "Second Lagrange Point (L2)", a region in space located between the Earth and the Sun and which was also the home of the Spitzer Space Probe, predecessor of the JWST.

As Sérgio Sacani, geophysicist and creator of the Space Today channel, explains, in the Solar System there are several points that are called "Lagrange Points" — a name given in honor of the mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange — where there is gravitational equilibrium and the object is able to maintain itself. significantly stable.

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