Online Diversity Police Station: see how to access it!

Every day, crimes of intolerance and discrimination increase in Brazil. To help reduce this rate, the government of the State of São Paulo launched the Delegacia da Diversidade Online (DDD Online). This is a new service developed by the State Technology Company (Prodesp) in partnership with the Civil Police. With the online Police Station, anyone who suffers any type of aggression for registering the Occurrence Bulletin (BO) without leaving home, reinforcing public policies to protect diversity.

How to access the Online Diversity Police Station?

The Online Diversity Police Station can be accessed at this link. It is intuitive and simple to navigate, which makes it easy to fill in the occurrences.

The objective of the Diversity Office is to contribute to a healthy coexistence in society, valuing the differences of human beings; combat focuses on racism, religious intolerance, gender and sexual diversity. Image: Shutterstock

Why the Diversity Police Station was created

According to the president of Prodesp, André Arruda, the Diversity Police Station was created to be a tool to protect the population, valuing the diversity of minorities in the state of São Paulo.

“Through public policies like this, we will be able to live together in a more egalitarian environment for all and Prodesp is very proud to be part of this process”, stated Arruda.

How to make the incident

When accessing the site, the citizen can detail the occurrence, entering personal data, information about the aggressor and evidence, if available. The procedure is the same as for other crimes available on the Civil Police website, but adapted to the peculiarities of crimes of intolerance or discrimination.

In order to maintain the quality of care, there was training for police officers both in the capital and in the interior, with a focus on respect for the dignity of the victim.

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What types of crimes can be registered at the Diversity Police Station?

On the site it is possible to register reports of intolerance or prejudice due to sexual, gender, religious, racial diversity and other crimes of this nature. After the occurrence is registered, an investigation begins under the responsibility of a specialized unit in the capital or regional DEICs.

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