See how to create a kitty online

Very popular, online crowdfunding has already helped Olympic athletes, people with serious illnesses, save abandoned pets, among many other causes. With the spread of the internet, they have become a tool for making dreams come true and also for helping people who are experiencing financial difficulties. Among the sites that create these collections is Vakinha online, which provides a space for you to create your campaign completely free of charge.

Fees are collected at the time of withdrawal only, with a discount of 6.4% per donation plus 50 cents. In addition, the site charges a fee of R$5 when transferring money to your account.

Step by step for you to create a kitty online

1. Access the online kitty website at this link. It is also available for Android and iOS. Fill in the registration with your personal data and create a login and password.

2. You can also access the site with Facebook data, if you want. After registering, click on create kitty.

3. On the next page, you can create a name for your campaign. The tip is to create something objective and direct. Enter the amount you intend to raise with your campaign.

4. Click save and go to image.

5. Insert an image for your kitty and then click save and go to description.

6. Describe your project, always with a very didactic, clear and concise text. Details are important. After the text is finished, click save and go to additional.

7. Ready! Your kitty is created. If you want, select from the prize options offered by the site or to receive information in your email. Finally, click Save and Go to Share.

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