SpaceX Dragon returns to Earth with tons of ISS cargo on board

As reported by Olhar Digital, last Sunday (23), the Cargo Dragon C209 capsule undocked from the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX's latest cargo mission is already back to Earth with a slew of science experiments on board.

SpaceX's C209 cargo spacecraft dove into the Gulf of Mexico at 6:05 pm this Monday (24). Image: SpaceX

According to the website , the freighter CRS-24 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at 6:05 pm ET off the coast of Florida near Panama City.

"Splashdown of Dragon confirmed, completing SpaceX's 24th resupply mission to the space station," SpaceX wrote on Twitter.

The cargo ship has returned some 2,270 kg of science to Earth, including a "cytoskeleton" that studies cell signaling in humans, and the return of a 12-year-old lightweight imaging microscope being retired after more than a decade of use. in orbit.

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SpaceX Dragon cargo delivered to NASA's Kennedy Space Center

Those experiments and all the rest of the capsule's contents were returned to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for delivery to scientists, according to a SpaceX statement.

The spacecraft ended its mission after just over a month in space, allowing Expedition 66 astronauts to receive fresh food and supplies from Earth on December 22, the day after launch.

Bringing back a lot of science, the capsule was initially expected for the early hours of Monday morning, but two days of bad weather at potential landing sites in the Gulf of Mexico delayed the plans.

"Expedition 66 wishes Dragon a good return," NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn told the station's Mission Control radio on behalf of the crew shortly after undocking. “Congratulations to Houston and SpaceX. I can’t wait to see what the results bring.”

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