Startup wants to use mice to grow hair for implants

The hair transplant market is one of the hottest when it comes to aesthetic procedures, especially for men, who are the biggest victims of hair loss. But the transplanted hairs have to come from somewhere, and one company plans to use mice for that.

The idea of using mice to grow the hair that the transplant recipients will receive comes from biologist Ernesto Lajuan, founder of the medical startup dNovo. For now, what the company has managed to do is transplant human hair stem cells into a mouse.

Test result was not very pleasing to the eye. Credit: dNovo/Disclosure

Visually, the result was not very pleasant, with a completely hairless mouse and a few tufts of that very fine human hair, which is characteristic of those who do hair transplants. However, it is an important advance and one that “reverse-engineers” how baldness works.

Cells that are not replaced

Humans are born with all the hair stem cells they will ever have in their lives, but once those cells die, they don't have a replacement. But that's exactly what Lujan hopes to change with his startup and its “hairy” mice.

According to the biologist, his company is capable of creating stem cells that form hair follicles, genetically modifying other cells, such as normal skin cells. According to Ernesto Lajuan, his technique will be able to find and treat the root cause of hair loss.

dNovo is not alone

However, dNovo is not the only startup that promises to cure baldness using stem cells, although it is the only one that is using mice for this for now. But it is important to point out that the Lajuan technique still needs a lot of research before becoming a commercial treatment.

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Therefore, the technology is still far from ready. So, the best thing to do is to be inspired by people who have embraced hair loss and done just fine without it, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zinedine Zidane.

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