Twitter tests its own version of Instagram's "Close Friends"

Twitter has put to the test a feature that allows you to share tweets only with a select number of followers, just like “Close Friends” in Instagram Stories.

The function called, at least provisionally, "Flock" was announced in July last year, but only now seems to be showing up. The reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the existence of the tests, who found the feature in the application's code.

According to Paluzzi, it is possible to add up to 150 followers to a list and the tweets you send to that group will only be shown to them. As with “Close Friends”, there will be a visual indication for the recipient to know that content is closed to specific Twitter users.

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Twitter's Close Friends

However, you can edit the group at any time, and Twitter says it won't notify anyone you remove. The company is also testing a feature called Communities, which offers a dedicated space for groups of like-minded people.

In a note, Twitter told The Verge that it is “always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversation and [is] currently exploring ways to allow people to share more privately.”

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