What to do when the cell phone starts to turn off by itself?

A problem that makes many people's hair stand on end is when the cell phone starts to turn off by itself. As the device is essential for carrying out many jobs, this nuisance can cause serious damage, that is, the sooner it is resolved, the better. Among the causes of the problem, we can mention the defective battery, use of non-original parts, oxidation and very busy memory, but there are more signs.

worn out battery

Many cell phones that turn off by themselves, even with a full charge, can have a battery failure.

This is due to the natural wear of the part. After all, with time and many charging cycles, the battery no longer works as it should. The tip is to exchange it for another, always original.

If your cell phone is new, look for the authorized technical assistance and claim the warranty, considering that the brand must be responsible for the damage.

non-original parts

Often, using chargers from other brands or even non-original ones can cause your cell phone to turn off on its own.

This is because many smartphones do not respond to elements that are not original, that is, cheap can be expensive. Therefore, always prioritize original parts, including the charger.

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Exposure to high temperatures

Leaving your cell phone in high temperatures, such as at the beach or pool, can damage the battery, causing it to turn off on its own.

Therefore, very hot or very cold environments should always be avoided. It is an initiative that contributes to the protection of your system, being very useful to avoid more serious problems on your device, such as a general crash.

man holding cell phone
When a cell phone starts to turn off by itself, numerous problems can be the cause, such as drained battery, exposure to high temperatures, use of fake components and RAM memory with all the space occupied. Image: Shutterstock

RAM memory running out of space

When your phone's RAM memory runs out of space, it can also start to shut down on its own. After all, the system is slow and the device shuts down for protection.

To resolve this, go to program management and check if there are too many open apps or need to uninstall some. Often, you need to delete photos and videos.


Oxidation is another cause of the problem. It attacks the internal circuits responsible for transmitting energy in appliances. If this is the problem, contact technical assistance immediately.

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