Coronavirus: WHO warns of increase in cases of subvariant of Omicron

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus already has a new subtype in circulation. The BA.2 strain is spreading rapidly around the world and has caught the attention of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has issued an alert and asked for priority in investigations into this updated version of the strain.

Ômicron has worried scientists and health authorities for presenting a risk of reinfection 5.4 times greater and multiplying 70 times faster in the air. In addition, the variant is able to evade the immune protection provided by existing vaccines and can survive longer on surfaces.

The BA.2 subvariant has a series of genetic alterations in relation to BA.1, including the spike protein, which is used by the virus to infect human cells. These changes make it dangerous, as most current vaccines focus on the spike protein.

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