Discord Music Bot: What It Is, How It Works, and 10+ Bot Options For You!

Discord is an online application for communicating via voice and text between users, which allows for fluid interaction and has countless resources. Among them, the Discord Music Bot.

These are programs that can be integrated into Discord that work almost like plugins , allowing participants on the same voice channel to listen to the same song, in an integrated way.

A Discord music bot is a very useful tool to improve users' experience in the app — and of course, make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite music together.

Looking to learn more? Check out all about Discord music bots, which is the best option and how to use music bots in Discord!

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What are Discord Music Bots?

The Discord music bot is a program that allows multiple members of the same server within the platform to listen to the same music at the same time.

For those who want to learn how to put music bots on Discord, know that they work in different ways depending on how they were developed.

They can find music on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and other content platforms by playing it over a voice channel.

This song plays at the same time for all participants (so everyone hears in tune).

An interesting parallel is when you're chatting with friends at home and you put a song on your Spotify to play in the background of your chat. It's more or less the same thing, only digitally.

Also, if a new user joins the channel, they hear the song as they go (without restarting or having to wait for it to finish to hear it).

It's a great way to share new music with friends, organize online parties or just put some background music in the chat with friends and co-workers.

How does a music bot on Discord work?

A Discord music bot may work differently from others depending on how it is designed. Therefore, we will not delve into technical terms.

Basically, Discord's music bot integrates your voice channel with a page on a social network (like YouTube) or with a music streaming file (like Spotify) and plays the content through the voice channel. .

As it is possible to chat via audio and integrate audio bots into channels, it is also possible to integrate with content such as songs or even entire albums.

And does Discord allow me to put bots on my servers? "

Yea! Because Discord's API is open, which makes it possible for any developer to create their program or bot to be integrated into the server.

Today, you can find bots for all sorts of tasks on Discord, from those that change your interface to bots that record conversations and more!

How to put music bot on Discord?

And now, how about learning how to put music bot on Discord? It's a simple step by step, which we explain below, check it out:

Step 1

How to put music bot on discord

The first step is to create a server, which is very simple. It is worth mentioning that only the server owner can put bots on it.

When joining Discord, the application interface on the Desktop will display the servers you have already joined in the left sidebar.

The third option from the bottom up is a plus sign (+). Just click on it to create your server, where you will have to name it and select an image as an icon. Once that's done, just click on "Create" and that's it!

step 2

The second step is to go to the Discord music bot website you want to add. Normally, already on the home page you will see a button with the command “Add to Discord” or, in English, “Add to Discord”.

How to put music bot on discord

By clicking this button, you will have to login to Discord (don't worry if you are already logged in in another tab, as this step is related to the bot).

When you log in, you will see a window about the bot, with some information such as what the Music Bot is allowed to do.

How to put music bot on discord

Among them, of course, playing music, but usually there is also a collection of basic data on the part of those who developed the bot, such as your username, icon, email and the servers you participate.

In the case of the bot in our example above, these permissions happened at two different times. The first, as recorded above, to authorize the bot to be integrated into the account.

The second, below, served to choose the server where the bot would be installed, check it out:

How to put music bot on discord

step 3

That's it, the bot will be on your server!

Upon entering any channel, you will see that the bot will be ready to be used. Usually, the bot itself will explain how it works through the text channel.

To play a song, simply enter a code, such as “ !play Single Ladies by Beyoncé ” or “ /play Single Ladies – Beyoncé ” and the bot will fetch the content from a streaming platform or website, such as YouTube.

How to put music bot on Discord on mobile?

To put a music bot on Discord, just follow the same steps as we indicated above. The process is the same for desktop or mobile users.

Of course, there are some changes here and there, especially concerning your mobile OS.

For Android and iPhone users, you can find bots on top.gg (formerly discordbots.org) or check our list below.

How to create music bot in Discord?

To create a Discord music bot, it is necessary to know the basics of development and some programming languages, in addition to mastering source code editing software.

Discord bots are normally programmed in the JavaScript language.

Here, we won't go into the technical details because the development method depends a lot — and it's a little complex for those who don't understand the subject.

On Dev.to, you can find a complete tutorial on how to create a music bot on Discord. How about checking?

Top 10 music bots for Discord

Discord logo
Discord app logo. Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

So, how about checking out the best music bots for Discord? We separate some options for you to know.

Our editorial opted for the popularity of these bots. That's why, in the list, updated in January 2022, options will appear that no longer work, as is the case with the first bots mentioned.

The intention is to explain a little more about the bot, how it works, who developed it, if there is a paid version and if it is still active. Come on?


Rythm was (and remains) one of Discord's most popular music bots.

The reason is that it is a simple option, with a very intuitive interface and usability.

One of its features was not only playing songs on Discord channels, but displaying lyrics. Almost like karaoke!

In addition, Rhythm allowed server administrators to use a separate Discord controller to easily manage playlists, sound volume, and more.

Rythm, in August 2021, was discontinued due to a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service (as it pulled songs from YouTube Music, the platform's paid service).


Groovy was also one of Discord's most popular music bots, with a pretty wide range of commands — going far beyond music control.

It was possible to create queues of songs to be played, with the possibility of skipping tracks, triggering the “shuffle” (scrambled playback of songs) or repeating a specific track.

It was one of the top choices of users.

However, like Rhythm, Groovy was discontinued in August 2021 following a ruling for violating YouTube's terms and rights.


Hydra is one of those bots that does everything — including playing music.

With Hydra, you can play music from Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud or Bandcamp. You can also upload audio files to play or stream online.

Hydra managed to circumvent YouTube's determination and, today, no longer supports songs and website links (using only the aforementioned streaming platforms).

Until today, January 2022, the Hydra bot continues to work and has a paid and free version.


24/7 is a bot with a simple premise: non-stop high quality music streaming.

That's because, in addition to playing any YouTube video (regardless of size), it also allows you to play radio stations via streaming.

An important factor: to be able to play music 24 hours a day, you need a YouTube Premium account.

Bot 24/7 has a free version and a paid version.


Octave, just like the others, provides music streaming from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or Mixer.

It also allows you to assign different roles to different users for easy organization.

You can skip songs in playlists, as well as vote to skip a song or not.

Through commands, it is also possible to create, delete or edit playlists, as well as import a playlist from another website.

You can download a free version or invest in a premium version for more features.


Another Discord music bot, FredBoat is a little different from the rest: it has a built-in search system, and instead of using a YouTube link to play something, you search directly in Discord.

It's like a Spotify inside Discord, which also lets you shuffle your playlists or repeat some music.

FredBoat has a lot of features and, good news, its only version is free!

jockie music

Jockie Music is a very complete Discord music bot: 4 bots in 1. That is, it can be added to a server and used by up to 4 different channels simultaneously, transmitting the songs that the channels want, without interruptions.

It supports multiple websites and streaming platforms.

Jockie Music is free, but you can help developers by supporting their Patreon (with a monthly contribution) and earning some benefits in return.


Sagiri is a Discord music bot like any other, but its main feature is that it was made by Brazilians — despite having support in several languages.

It is free and can be found on the Discord bot platform.


Vexera is a bot that goes far beyond simply offering music control commands. As the bot calls itself: it is multipurpose, with multiple commands.

Vexera has a free and a premium version, which is paid.


Chip Bot is a high-quality music bot with lots of advanced controls (like equalizer for example). It is free, but has different premium versions depending on the Patreon tier you want to support.

Which music bot still works

As we mentioned, the two biggest music bots on Discord (Groovy and Rhythm) were discontinued in 2021. A news that took many Discord users by surprise.

The reason is that Google sent a “cease and desist” letter (legal feature known as “ Cease and Desist ”) to take down their services because they violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

The reason is that the bots were pulling music from YouTube's paid service, YouTube Music.

Not only Rhythm and Groovy suffered from this “hunt” for bots, but several others. However, as they were the two biggest, the news was seen with some amazement.

But so what, which Discord music bot still works

Well, as we show in the list above, there are several that still work in 2022. Just choose the one that best suits your server, with the commands that make sense for you, your moderators and friends who are part of the channel.

What are the main music bot commands in Discord?

Which Music Bot still works on Discord?
Normally, the commands to control the songs are done with English words. Image: Ella Don / Unsplash

Going through some of Discord's music bots, you'll notice a series of different commands to control the playback of the songs. These are valuable resources to give channel administrators more control.

Normally, the commands to control the songs are actionable through the text channel, using keywords (in English, with the exception of Sagiri) such as “play”, “pause”, “skip”, among many others.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to check which character triggers the bot. That's because this character varies by bot.

Rythmn, for example, had commands like “/play”, “/skip” and so on.

FredBoat, a music bot still active in 2022, has several commands using “;;”, among them:

List of commands to use in FredBoat bot
List of commands to use in FredBoat bot. Image: FredBoat / Reproduction

How do I know which Discord music bot is best for me?

To choose the best Discord music bot for you, you need to understand what you and your server users are looking for.

After all, every Discord music bot includes unique features.

Chip Bot is one of the best free music bots as it provides audio effects for free.

This, like Hydra, provides a wide selection of music platforms to stream as well as radio stations.

If you're looking for a bot that plays Spotify music, Hydra is popularly known as the best for the job, also offering administrative controls that let you decide who can use the bot and which channels they can access.

Octave is a more basic bot in terms of features, but it remains popular because of its ease of use and stability. In addition, it is a bot with a lot of time on the market and that remains active, even in 2022.

Sagiri is another simpler bot, but it has the differential of offering commands in Portuguese. It is something much more accessible for those who do not speak English.

Discord music bot crashing: what to do?

A situation that can happen is the music bot in Discord is crashing, with delays in the music, distortions in the sound or failure to play it.

It is something that can happen depending on some factors, like the region of the voice server, a bad and unstable Internet connection, as well as the high latency of the same.

This can cause some problems, such as the non-delivery of data packets, which can delay the sound or even "cut it".

That's because any data transmitted over the Internet is done in small pieces, called packets, and if any of them doesn't arrive correctly, the transmission can be corrupted.


A Discord music bot can change your experience while using the app, in conversations with co-workers, friends, and communities dedicated to a topic.

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