Discover 5 tips to unlock your cell phone's Touchscreen

You know when you click on your smartphone screen and nothing gets an answer There are several causes for touchscreen problems and many annoyances can be solved with quick and accurate actions, such as a simple restart of your device. There are other more serious ones that usually need a repair in a specialized assistance. The important thing is that there is always an alternative to solve the pending issue, that is, it is worth following these five tips that we have separated especially for you!

1. Restart the device

It may seem silly, but it's not. When restarting your device, the software does a procedure known as a power cycle.

So, turning on after 10 minutes, often small errors are automatically repaired, such as a lack of sensitivity on the screen.

2. Remove the glass film

Often, some glass films cause screen problems and affect the touchscreen. If you are facing this situation, a good tip is to remove the film, removing the protective case.

In many cases, this initiative works and the touchscreen works again. It is important to be careful when removing. A guitar palette helps with the procedure.

3. Check RAM usage


Touch responsiveness largely depends on device memory. So, if your smartphone is running out of memory, it is very likely that you have problems with the touchscreen. See how to free up space on your device.

Step by step to free up space in RAM memory

  1. click settings

2. Access the Device and Battery Assistance button. Go into memory.

3. Then you can clear each existing application on your device one by one.

4. In each application, click force stop as shown in the image below.


1. Click on settings and go to the General button.

2. Click the Tap button

3. Then go to AssistiveTouch

4. Activate the button

5. Then, go back to the home screen and go to Settings, General and click Shut down.

Ready! In this way, your RAM memory will have free space, which can be a solution to make the touchscreen work again.

4. Check the charger

Those who use counterfeit chargers run a serious risk of damaging the screen's sensitivity, especially when the device is plugged in.

This is because the voltage or amperage may be different, causing problems with the touchscreen. The tip is to remove the charger and always prioritize original accessories.

5. Test touchpoints

Knowing that there are several points of contact on a touch screen, the tip is to test them in different areas of the screen of your device, focusing on the possible ones that are defective.

For this, it is worth installing applications that help in this test. On Android, the Multi Touch Test is very useful, while on iOS we recommend the Touchscreem Test. If none of the above possibilities work, it's time to take your smartphone to an authorized service center.

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