Elgato launches control pedal for streamers

Elgato is releasing the Stream Deck Pedal for streamers, which lets you step through apps and other streaming functions using your feet. The Stream Deck has three customizable pedals, where the user defines the functions he uses most through plugins, which allow him to control everything from smart lighting to the Twitch or YouTube feed.

The pedal control pressure is also customizable, with the user being able to define a gentle touch with the foot or a stronger step. In addition to streamers, Elgato also points out that the accessory can be used for offline work, with shortcuts compatible with software such as audiovisual editing suites.

Recently Elgato introduced a Discord plugin to the Stream Deck Pedal. The user can use any Corsair accessory to change channels, switch from text to voice chat, mute the microphone and browse the server.

The pedal can also prove to be very useful for musicians and VR gamers who live stream, as they don't need to stop what they are doing to perform simple tasks using the computer keyboard.

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The Stream Deck control pedal costs US$115 on Elgato's website (about R$623 at current prices), and offers over a hundred types of plugins, plus thousands of free tracks and sound effects for streamers to avoid copyright issues in your channels.

Source: Engadget

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