Ex-Samsung Executive Sues Company For Allegedly Infringing Audio Patents

Samsung is facing ten lawsuits filed by Ahn Seung-h, the company's vice president between 2010 and 2019, who accuses the South Korean giant of violating the intellectual patents of his company Synergy IP, a company created a few months ago and that can be classified as NPE.

These multiple accusations are known as "patent trolls" and consist of the complaint promoted by small companies called "Non-Practical Entities" that buy patents from companies close to bankruptcy and later use this acquisition to sue manufacturers using similar technology.

Briefly, the method consists of "accusing everyone" and, in some cases, winning the lawsuit by pocketing the compensation money based on the imputation of intellectual property infringement. In addition to this scheme, NPEs can also sign agreements with manufacturers so that the action is not taken to court upon payment of royalties.

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