Facebook is sued after murder of man in the US

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, often ends up getting involved in the most diverse possible controversies. The new issue involving the company is a lawsuit blaming Facebook for the murder of a man in the United States.

The victim was an agent of the Federal Protection Service (FPS), the body responsible for the security of federal buildings, and was murdered by extremists who believed that his death would be the trigger for a civil war in the country.

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The men who carried out the crime are linked to an extremist group that is accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of domestic terrorism.

The crime happened in June 2020, months before the elections that made Joe Biden the president of the USA. The conspirators used Facebook to arrange the crime and, according to the victim's sister, Meta is one of those responsible for the fatality and must pay compensation to the family.

Facebook is sued for murder of man in US. Image: Gil C – shutterstock

The murdered policeman's sister claims that Facebook's algorithm changes led to her sister's death. The plaintiff points out that by choosing to disclose common interests instead of news, Facebook did not pay attention to the fact that it could be more easily bringing bad-intentioned people together.

It is not yet known how the prosecution will proceed, but people who follow the case believe that Meta will not be held responsible as the criminals could have known each other otherwise. In turn, the killers have been arrested and are awaiting judgment in the case.

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