First mission of the Artemis Program is in the final stages of testing

NASA's Artemis Program is close to officially opening in 2022, and the first mission is already in the final phase of testing. According to a statement on the website of the American space agency, a countdown test was carried out last Monday (24), for which the system was approved without any reservations.

Basically, a countdown test evaluates the functioning of launch software as well as the physical components of the process that pushes a rocket into space. In the case of the Artemis Program, the tests are quite detailed, considering the magnitude of the project (taking man back to the Moon and, eventually, stepping on Mars for the first time), and also because of the launch structure – the SLS (acronym). in English for “Space Launch System”) – also having been created specifically for this endeavor.

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With the launch of Project Artemis approaching, NASA has been expanding the detail of flight tests to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

"The countdown simulation evaluated the responses of these two systems, ensuring that the sequencer was operating correctly." "On launch day, the sequencer on the ground will 'hand over' control [of launch] from the rocket to the spacecraft, and an automated system will take over about 30 seconds before departure."

The Artemis I mission, the program's first, will be unmanned and remotely controlled. It has two distinct goals – which NASA hopes will be achieved without any problems: the first is the delivery of supplies to the Moon so that, in the future, astronauts already have resources on site for use. The second is to show the world how the system positioned in the Artemis Program – hence the extensive testing – works well.

Evidently, there is still a long way to go before the mission launch, anticipating a more comprehensive test in February 2022: “next,” the statement continues, “the team will complete final engineering-specific tests for the Artemis mission. I. Teams will continue to conduct final lunar rocket checks in preparation for the full rehearsal next month.”

Even so, things should be quite accelerated at the agency: the forecast is that the first launch of the program will be on March 12, 2022.

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