Google Assistant allows response to be interrupted without “Ok Google”

Google announced last Tuesday (25) a very important novelty for the Google Assistant: you can now ask the voice to stop talking. It was already possible to prevent the speech from continuing after the beginning of the response, but now the user no longer needs to issue the command “OK Google” to do the same thing.

The Google Assistant is very important for when the user has their hands full and wants an answer, such as the weather forecast or to find out the dollar exchange rate for the day. A problem can arise when the system speech is too long for what you need.

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Google Nest Audio (Image: Wellington Arruda/Olhar Digital)
Google Nest Audio, with Google Assistant (Image: Wellington Arruda/Olhar Digital)

It is currently possible to ask the Assistant to stop talking, simply by issuing the activating phrase once again – the Ok Google. From now on, the search giant's voice service allows this action without the secondary command. For the response to be interrupted, the user simply says “stop”.

Google Assistant Used This Feature, But Elsewhere

If you have a smart device like a screen or a smartspeaker like the Nest Mini, or even the Nest Audio, this feature already exists for the alarm clock. Just say “stop” and the wake-up sound stops instantly; a danger for anyone who turns to the side and keeps sleeping, but at least it works.

With this week's novelty, the command is now expanded to be present at more times of the day. I tried to use the word “stop” when the answer was already being spoken and the voice was not interrupted. Most likely the update will be released gradually to users, as is already the case with updates in other products of the search giant.

Google Assistant recently received an extra option for voice in Brazil, being identified with red and orange colors, but which ultimately implements a male or female response.

Via: Google.

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