How to contact Google support

Some services offered by Google have already become part of the routine of many people. Currently, the search giant's catalog of applications goes far beyond just browsing the internet, sending emails, storing photos, documents or watching videos.

With a growing universe of applications, the chance of facing failures also increases. While most of the time a simple problem can be fixed by an update, in some cases it may be necessary to take the issue directly to the company.

The good news is that Google has a very robust support page for users to report and resolve their issues. Want to know how it works Then check out the steps below.

Contact Google Support via Browser

If you're having a problem or are simply looking for some kind of assistance, the support page can help you find answers in just a few clicks. There is also the option to contact customer support directly.

1. First, go to (if the page is in English, scroll down and change the language to Portuguese in the box next to 'Terms of Service').

Contact Google Support via Browser

2. Then click on the icon of the application you want to support. If you don't find it right away, just click the down arrow on the homepage to access the full list of Google apps and services.

3. As in the example below, you will see a list divided into topics with solutions to various problems. The tip is to explore this content, or, if you prefer, describe the error you are facing in the top bar.

Contact Google Support via Browser

4. If none of the topics still help, scroll down and click on the 'Contact Us' option in the 'Need more help' section.

5. Here, you will need to enter some details such as which specific area you want support in the 'I need help with' section.

Contact Google Support via Browser

6. In the next step, Google will show you more links that can resolve the issue. Finally, by clicking on 'Next step', you will have access to the company's support contact options.

7. You can choose to receive a phone call, get support via live chat or send an email message.

On the last screen, just choose the option you want to contact Google support. Image: Reproduction

Ready! Now you know how to contact Google in case of problems with the Mountain View company's applications or services.

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