Metaverse mobile:'s Fungible Games platform promises revolution in cloud mobile games, an innovation company for the mobile cloud segment, started the development process of Metaverso mobile this Wednesday (26). The company unveiled its Fungible Games (NFG) platform for mobile games developed on Unity, Unreal and Cocos graphics engines.

The mobile Metaverse, at first glance, makes reference to Facebook's social “metaverse”, which changed its name to Meta last year. The virtual universe proposed by, however, is focused on games and inspiration in the MCU, as Rosen Sharma, CEO and founder of, explains:

I'm a huge fan of Marvel and I'm impressed by the way they intertwine the films to create the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mobile Metaverse is inspired by Marvel. Games today are like movies, so imagine: what if you could interconnect them with Matter, Avatars, Space and Time? Matter would be things like a weapon or item in a game, Avatars would be the heroes, Space would be something like maps with portals (like Doctor Strange can do), and Time would be player time.

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