Original mini will be converted into electric car

Mini, a British brand owned by BMW, has launched a program to convert the original Mini, launched in 1959, into an electric car. Entitled Mini Recharged, the program is headed by the brand's factory in Oxford (England) and aims to replace the engine, transmission and exhaust of the old car with an electric motor and battery.

According to Mini, the available electric motor provides a maximum of 120 horsepower and reaches an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in around 9s. The battery allows an estimated range of 160 km, while the maximum charging rate is 6.6 kW. Given these numbers, it is a car for drivers who are restricted to the urban environment.

Mini Electric Factory in Oxford, England
Fuel gauge transformed into autonomy counter (Credit: Mini/Disclosure)

The Mini program also updates the instrument panel, so the driver can know how much charge is left in the battery instead of gas and whether the car is in reverse, neutral or moving. A refill inlet was also added to the rear, where the fuel tank cap was originally located.

According to Mini, the conversion does not require the vehicle to be re-registered. The internal combustion components that will be taken out can also be stored at the factory. The price of the program was not disclosed.

Mini Electric Factory in Oxford, England
Charging port on the back of the Mini (Credit: Mini/Disclosure)

100% electric path

Since unveiling an electric Mini at the 2018 New York Auto Show, the BMW brand has been beckoning an increasingly electrified path. At the time, the company said that the vehicle represented the combination of two factors: a commitment to the iconic design and, at the same time, the adoption of a modern powertrain.

As early as 2021, Mini has committed to launching its latest internal combustion model in 2025. The goal is for all the brand's cars to be battery-powered by 2030. Mini also estimates that by 2027, electric cars will respond. for 50% of its annual sales.

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