Possible Amazon website bug causes consumers to buy books and Kindle “almost for free”

A possible flaw in the coupon system on the Amazon website caused hundreds of consumers to buy products at well below market values and even at zero cost through the sum of several vouchers released by the company. The problem occurred on the morning of this Wednesday (26) and is among the most talked about topics on Twitter, joining the trending topics in Brazil. In total, more than 40,000 mentions were made in the last few hours.

Coupons only available for new accounts

Offers were available for Kindle-compatible coupons and books, but were only open to new Kindle accounts, according to users in Twitter comments.

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We contacted Amazon's press office, but so far we have not had a response and we are still waiting to disclose the company's position and also an explanation of the possible deliveries or reimbursement of these purchases.

According to consumers, Amazon soon suspended the validity of cumulative coupons and no longer allows new customers to link vouchers to get up to 100% off the value of products.

Expert says case should be discussed in court

According to the specialist in Consumer Law, José Rangel, the case should be discussed in court, if Amazon refuses to deliver products purchased with coupons that enabled discounts of more than 80%.

“The site certainly priced in the value, that is, they should sell for what was advertised, no matter if there was an error or a failure in the system, because it's their responsibility. These consumers must be served. Now, if the damage is absurd, the Court will decide. There is already jurisprudence in the sense that when there is an error of fact, such as typing in an advertisement, there is no need to talk about the obligation of the supplier to serve the consumer. It is necessary to analyze what the company's arguments will be. If the difference in value is low, it will have to sell at the promotional price, but if it is an error that does not even pay the original value of the product, the company can argue this in court”, explained the expert.

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