Twitch launches new way for streamers to earn money on the platform

Twitch on Monday announced a new – and reliable – way for streamers on the service to earn money. According to the statement, published on the platform's blog, the Ad Incentive Program will present personalized offers to selected content creators in exchange for a fixed payment. To receive, however, they will need to stream a certain number of hours while showing ads.

“We know how important reliable monthly income is for creators. That's why, today, we're introducing predictability to a revenue source that rarely provides it: ads. The goal is simple: to help you earn more predictable monthly income through ads, with no cap on earning potential.

Twitch launches new way for streamers to earn money on the platform. Credits: DisobeyArt/Shutterstock

The company explained that the program will be available to Twitch partners and affiliates, who will see the option in the Ads Manager dashboard on the website. The purpose of the new tool is to provide reliable and predictable income for streamers and ad management.

“No more guesswork when it comes to your monthly ad payments. Enough of messing with the timing of ads. We want to free up creators from additional management responsibilities so you can focus on doing what you love with the community you love.”

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As per Gamespot's explanation, after the streamer accepts the offer, they will set the Ads Manager for the incentive fee. So, after broadcasting the minimum number of hours required, the streamer will be able to collect their income at the end of the month. Check out the step by step here.

Twitch is a video streaming service that focuses on video game themes, including live streaming competitions. The platform, launched in 2011, is today one of the most famous in the gamer environment and, among the most famous service users is Neymar Jr. However, since December of last year the athlete closed a partnership with Meta, from Facebook, and became exclusive to the Facebook Gaming platform, the gaming arm of the social network that competes with Twitch.

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