Caviar Launches Winter Olympics Edition of iPhone 13 Pro

Caviar has announced an iPhone 13 Pro themed after the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The Russian company is known for its very expensive special versions of flagship devices, sold in few units.

Winter Olympics edition of iPhone 13 Pro has 24K and 18K gold accents
iPhone 13 Pro Winter Olympics Edition has 24K and 18K gold accents / Caviar Disclosure

The iPhone 13 Pro Olympic Hero, for example, will cost a lot, starting at US$6,450 (R$ 34,374 in the direct conversion) and has a limited edition of 117 units. If the user opts for the saltier version, Olympic Hero Gold, in the 1 TB model, he will pay much more, US$ 27,730, or an absurd R$ 147,784.

iPhone 13 Pro 18K Gold Version Winter Olympics 2022
18K gold version of iPhone 13 Pro 2022 Winter Olympics / Caviar Disclosure

There's no reason this Winter Olympics edition of the iPhone 13 Pro should cost that price, but Caviar says it's finished in 24 karat gold on the Olympic Hero version and 18 karat gold on the Olympic Hero Gold version.

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The difference between the two models is that the iPhone 13 Pro Olympic Hero Gold has the bottom and all the details in 18 gold. that is 24K gold.

Source: GSM Arena

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