GoPro will release more action camera models for niche markets

GoPro should gain more action camera models for consumers to choose from when buying. The statement comes directly from the company's founder, Nick Woodman, as the executive presented the financial results of the brand known for its camcorders focused on sports practitioners.

At times in the past, GoPro has already created more than one model for consumers to choose from, within the same family of action cameras. We already had simple versions, others called White, Silver and Black, which are the ones available on the market right now. Variants named Session also appeared, delivering a GoPro without a screen on the back and with a more compact body.

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GoPro Hero 10 Black (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)
GoPro Hero 10 Black (Image: André Fogaça/Olhar Digital)

Currently only the regular GoPro is available, along with the Max model for 360 degree images. This scenario should change soon, as Nick Woodman, founder of the company, intends to increase the number of models to the market and thus meet every need in the sport, and at other times, with dedicated solutions.

New GoPros will be focused on specific uses

Woodman says he does not intend to return to the business model with GoPro categories according to the amount of features, as smartphones are divided between entry, intermediate and high-end models. For the executive, the ideal is to find a market niche and deliver a specific product to it, always with the highest possible quality for filming or photography – almost without removing resources due to this segmentation.

Another important information raised by Nick Woodman is that these new models will continue with the same technology adopted at this time, without necessarily creating completely new or innovative products.

The novelties proposed by the founder of GoPro for its action cameras also include new cloud services, along with more subscription options for applications made specifically for the computer – such as Quik for smartphones.

Via: The Verge.

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