How to use sleep timer on Deezer and Spotify

The sleep timer or sleep timer is a function that allows you to pause audio playback after a certain period set by the user. A good idea to improve the sleep quality of those who usually fall asleep listening to a playlist or podcast episode, as well as saving your phone's battery life.

Check out the guide below on how to use the feature on Deezer and Spotify on Android and iPhone.

How to activate the sleep timer on Deezer

The 'sleep timer' feature works just a few taps away on Deezer. The tool recently added to the streaming platform allows you to adjust a time window to prevent songs and podcasts from playing all night.

1. To access the feature, select any content in Deezer and tap the clock icon in the lower half of the screen.

Activate the sleep timer in Deezer

2. Then select the time setting you want.

Activate the sleep timer in Deezer

3. The notification below confirms that the timer is activated.

To turn off or reset the timer duration, simply tap the clock icon.

How to set 'Timer' in Spotify

Spotify added the timer to songs in 2019. Until then, the feature was only available for playing the podcasts available on the platform.

1. To activate it, choose a track or playlist and tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. In the next menu, tap on the 'Timer' option.

Set Sleep Timer on Spotify

3. Now choose one of the available options: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Set Sleep Timer on Spotify

You can also set the timer to pause the audio at the end of a single track by tapping 'When the track ends'. Which is especially useful in cases of longer tracks, like a podcast episode or audiobook, for example.

Set Sleep Timer on Spotify
Sleep timer activated on Spotify. Image: Screenshot

3. After choosing one of the options, the application will return to the track you were listening to before displaying the following notification.

To deactivate the timer, follow the same steps as above and in the settings menu, tap 'Turn off timer'.

Ready! Now you know how the sleep timer works on Deezer and Spotify. Tests were performed on Android 11, but the steps are the same for iPhone users. By clicking here, you can also check how to listen to music offline on both platforms.

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