Social Security allies itself with technology in its almost 100-year history

With 99 years of existence, Brazilian Social Security remains very active and pays around 36.4 million benefits per month. In a progressive countdown to the 100th anniversary, which will be celebrated on January 24, 2023, the body is present at various times for citizens, whether in maternity assistance, illness, disability, pensions, in short, it contributes immensely to the economy of countless municipalities, especially the most deficient ones.

Currently, it has the second largest payroll in the Americas, second only to the United States.

Retirements predominate

Of the 36.4 million benefits paid monthly, 21.8 million refer to pensions by the INSS.

The payroll is around R$ 50 billion per month and the benefits even surpass the federal transfer known as the Municipal Participation Fund (FPM) in some cities with few resources.

According to the federal government, Social Security provides social protection to more than 100 million people in Brazil.

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Looking to 100 years

The anniversary of the Social Security is on January 24 as a tribute to the publication of the Eloy Chaves Law, which established the basis of the social security system through the creation of the Retirement and Pension Fund for employees of railway companies.

Integrated into the online universe

With the increasingly popular access to the internet and also due to the consequences of the pandemic, Social Security now has an exclusive application for taxpayers to make various types of requests.

This is My INSS. It is an application that provides fast service and an effective response, streamlining the lives of many people.

The platform provides more than 90 digital services, all in the palm of your hand. Created through a technological partnership with Dataprev, the portal registers, on average, 40 million hits per month.

helo, social security virtual assistant
Integrated into the digital environment, Social Security even has a virtual assistant known as Helô; there were 266.1 million interactions on the portal in December 2021 alone. Image: Agência Brasil

virtual assistant

The portal also invested in omnichannel and has a virtual attendant affectionately known as Helô. It is possible to clarify doubts and also obtain information about existing services, as well as citizens' social security rights.

In December 2021 alone, the solution received more than 266.1 million interactions, with 33.7 million being attended.

Therefore, the future of Social Security is under construction and there are still other novelties, such as proof of life by biometrics and the automation of benefits, which already makes about 27% of requests per month, all automatically.

Thus, despite being almost 100 years old, Social Security is renewed forever to offer quality care and safety in the lives of Brazilians.

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