Strange object in the sky over Oklahoma was a SpaceX rocket

In late January, residents of Sooner State, Oklahoma, took pictures of a strange, circular object in the sky, but what was initially attributed to a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) was actually a SpaceX rocket.

Yes, I know you're thinking of some joke about Elon Musk being an alien, but hold on to it for a moment, as the explanation is more earthly: in fact, the spiral shape was nothing more than the second stage of the rocket after trigger its fuel dispensing mechanism.

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The townspeople were understandably intrigued, considering that the "otherworldly apparition" came just after an earthquake struck. But according to information from broadcasters FOX23 and KJRH, at about the same time as the event, SpaceX had launched a Falcon 9 rocket from its base in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Crossing the available information, it was concluded that the rocket would pass very close to Oklahoma.

Judging by the date – specifically, January 31, 2022 – the spiral pattern seen above corresponds to the launch of the Italian COSMO-SkyMed satellite. This is the second observation satellite designed by various Italian government ministries and which has had its launch delayed four times.

It's not the first time that a strange object in the sky has ended up being attributed to SpaceX's machinations: in April 2021, also in Oklahoma, a series of linear lights in the sky turned out to be a handful of satellites from Starlink, the company's internet platform. Elon Musk's company.

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